New-build homes

Whether it’s your dream home or a development project for your retirement fund, we aim to deliver the best.  

  • As architects our design services will bring the creativity and innovation that will make your project exceptional.
  • As builders we deliver on the technical and logistical challenges critical to any projects success.
  • If necessary we are experienced at co-ordinating teams of further consultants, to extend our ‘one-stop service’ to include planning, environmental, structural and other specialisations.

‘I had worked with Peter on different construction projects before, at a professional level; so when I needed help and guidance as a client on my proposed house building project, he was at the fore front of my mind.  I knew that his enthusiasm, quick thinking, complete in depth knowledge of the planning systems, talent and ability to produce a very high standard of work; would come in very handy. To date he has exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you Peter.’

Mr. G. (Inkpen)
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